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At SMP-Clinic, we're not just a clinic; we're a transformative experience. As the fastest-growing scalp micropigmentation clinic in the UK, we take pride in pioneering innovation. 

Introducing our ground-breaking technique, the AU-Natural technique, which has set new standards in the industry.

Our Commitment to Excellence: We've redefined Scalp Micropigmentation (SMP) with our AU-Natural technique, ensuring unparalleled results that seamlessly replicate real hair follicles. With years of expertise, we're committed to helping you regain your confidence through a rejuvenated appearance




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Take a look at some of the incredible results achieved by our talented team. You can also see our training class in action.

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Based on 30 reviews
Great course very informative and helpful.
Jordan Hughes
Jordan Hughes
Ich bin extra aus Deutschland angereist, um von der Besten zu lernen. Ich bin sehr dankbar für die Zeit, die ich hier erleben durfte. Danke für alles lieber Matt und Elly.
Eray Tasköprü
Eray Tasköprü
Recently passed my training course here and it was great. Really professional and they made me feel really confident after the last day. All equipment was provided which is a great help. Would certainly recommend doing your training here if you are looking to enter the world of SMP.
Luke Foster
Luke Foster
Ella is superb, reassured me in every session, highly recommended! Matt’s support is fantastic and gives great advise!
Rob Webb
Rob Webb
I recently had the pleasure of visiting an SMP (Scalp Micropigmentation) clinic, and I must say, it was an outstanding experience from start to finish. The clinic's commitment to excellence, professionalism, and attention to detail truly exceeded my expectations, earning them a well-deserved five-star rating. From the moment I stepped into the clinic, I was greeted by a warm and friendly staff who made me feel instantly comfortable. The reception area was clean, modern, and exuded a sense of tranquility, which helped alleviate any pre-treatment nerves I had. The consultation process was thorough and informative. The SMP specialist took the time to listen attentively to my concerns and desires, ensuring that they fully understood my expectations. They provided expert advice, explaining the procedure in detail and addressing any questions or doubts I had. Their knowledge and expertise were evident, instilling confidence in me that I had chosen the right clinic. During the treatment itself, the SMP specialist displayed exceptional skill and precision. They meticulously recreated a natural-looking hairline, expertly matching the color and density to my existing hair. The attention to detail was remarkable, as they flawlessly blended the pigments to create a seamless and undetectable result. Throughout the process, they constantly checked in with me, ensuring my comfort and satisfaction. The clinic's commitment to hygiene and safety was evident throughout the treatment. The SMP specialist followed strict sterilization protocols, using disposable equipment and maintaining a clean and sterile environment. This attention to detail further reassured me that I was in capable hands. Post-treatment care was equally impressive. The SMP specialist provided me with detailed aftercare instructions, ensuring that I understood how to properly care for my newly enhanced scalp. They also scheduled follow-up appointments to monitor my progress and address any concerns I might have had. Overall, my experience at this SMP clinic was nothing short of exceptional. The professionalism, expertise, and attention to detail displayed by the staff were truly commendable. I am thrilled with the results of my SMP treatment, and I wholeheartedly recommend this clinic to anyone seeking a top-notch SMP experience. They have undoubtedly earned their well-deserved five-star rating, and I am grateful to have found such a reputable and skilled establishment.
Martin Day
Martin Day
After receiving a poor SMP job at another clinic, I turned to the SMP-Clinic to try and get it done properly, and they absolutely delivered. I've had a great couple of sessions with Ell. She's extremely professional and a perfectionist, and the results absolutely reflect this. Thanks Ell and Matt!
David Roman
David Roman
Best place and really friendly thank you so much I’m over the moon with the result
Alan Ali
Alan Ali
It's not an easy decision, but in this clinic, the first consultation is full of professionalism and you immediately feel that you are in good hands. I am so happy that it was the best investment of my money. I recommend it to everyone that it is worth visiting this clinic. The nice atmosphere relaxes your nerves☺️ Thank You som much 😊😊😊
Mariusz Bonczyk
Mariusz Bonczyk
Great service.
Oladapo Akinola
Oladapo Akinola
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Scalp Micropigmentation (often referred to as SMP, MSP, hair tattoo, hairline tattoo, scalp tattoo etc) is a hair transplant alternative for any level of hair loss.  The results are guaranteed and can be life changing.

Lets be honest – no one would choose a receding hairline or sign up to go bald! We get that, and yes hair transplants are available , but they can be costly and risky – so why go to that effort and risk? We have people come to us after the transplants fail and wish they came straight away.

Scalp Micropigmentation can give you the confidence you desire (at a fraction of the cost). 

It’s non-invasive, non-surgical and it will last forever. We’re in the business of making our clients look younger, feel more confidence and give them what they want – a hair line! 



Learn about a number of topics our clients have asked us

Although Scalp Micro-Pigmentation (SMP) may be referred to as a hair tattoo, it is not the same as a regular tattoo, the results are very different. There are many key differences that distinguish between SMP and a regular tattoo. SMP has come a long way from the early years it began. It is a life changing non-surgical hair loss treatment where natural pigments are applied into the dermal layer of the skin to replicate the natural appearance of real hair follicles at their shortest length, giving you a natural appearance of a real shaven look. 

The aim of SMP is to give the shaved buzz cut look, it will be virtually impossible to tell the difference between the pigmentation dots and hair follicles. Even when people know you prior to your treatment, they are sure to be pleasantly surprised at your new head of hair. 

It depends upon the pattern and extent of the thinning hair, some clients are able to maintain a longer length of hair. SMP can help thicken areas so that less of the scalp is seen showing through. However, if there is a strong pattern of hair loss or just not a lot of hair density left, the client is recommended to crop it shorter, but this can be discussed further during the FREE consultation. 

Aftercare is key to achieving the best possible finish.

You cannot shave or get your head wet for the first 4 days following treatment, this includes sweating. 

Day 5 you can rinse your scalp with water and resume light exercises. You can also shave your head but you must not use a razor, just shavers. Your scalp must be protected from the sun for the first 10 days.

After 10 days you can sweat excessively and resume all your normal activities.

You must wear sun cream on your scalp to protect the pigment.

You must not go swimming for 30 days following your final treatment.

There will be some initial softening that will occur as your natural shade is achieved. Providing that you follow the correct after-care, including use of sun-screen, the effect of SMP will be adequately maintained.

SMP is a form of permanent makeup. Often referred to as a cosmetic hair or scalp tattoo, this treatment typically lasts 4-6 years. After that time, a client may experience some slight fading/softening, to which they can come back in for a quick touch up. This cosmetic solution will not wash off but can be tweaked as years go on. We always recommend meeting with our team of experienced expert practitioners to discuss your treatment options. SMP Clinic near me..

It depends upon the pattern and extent of the thinning hair, some clients are able to maintain a longer length of hair. SMP can help thicken areas so that less of the scalp is seen showing through. However, if there is a strong pattern of hair loss or just not a lot of hair density left, the client is recommended to crop it shorter, but this can be discussed further during the FREE consultation. 

Scalp Micro-Pigmentation is becoming an increasingly popular means of addressing hair loss for both men and women. The procedure replicates hair follicles at their shortest length and can either enhance your existing look or create a fresh appearance of closely-cut hair.  

If you’re a lady who is suffering from thinning hair, SMP can work effectively to create the appearance of thicker, denser hair and covers the visible scalp making you feel less self-conscious.

Our pricing is based on the level of hair loss, which is different for each client. Typically, the price ranges between £300 – £1200. We recommend setting up a free consultation so our team can evaluate your case and provide a personalized price quote based on your hair loss needs.

A £50 non-refundable deposit is required to secure your appointment, then the remaining balance is split between your treatment sessions. This enables our clients to pay in 2-3 smaller instalments. We can also offer finance through our partners Payl8ter. Smp near me

I myself have had SMP nearly 5 years ago, I’m fully aware of the concerns or questions any client may have regarding the treatment. So please get in touch with any questions or to book a FREE consultation. 


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At SMP-Clinic, we’re not just a clinic; we’re a transformative experience. As the fastest-growing scalp micropigmentation clinic in the UK, we take pride in pioneering innovation.

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